Binding Site provides specialist diagnostic products to clinicians and laboratory professionals worldwide. Our people are dedicated to improving patient lives, delivering innovative medical solutions that improve the diagnosis and management of blood cancers and immune system disorders.

Freelite® serum free light chain assays

Included in our diagnostic product line are the Freelite® assays, which were used to establish the Myeloma Canada consensus guidelines on the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma and related disorders and the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) guidelines, which recommend serum free light chain assays for use in the initial diagnostic workup of Multiple Myeloma and related disorders.


Our expanded menu includes IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, Cystatin C, Beta-2-Microglobulin, IgG subclasses, and complement to test for other disease states and conditions such as primary immunodeficiency, kidney dysfunction, and autoimmune disorders.


For instrumentation, we offer Optilite® – Binding Site’s latest innovation in special protein testing. With over 30 years of research dedicated to antibody specificity technologies, Binding Site’s Optilite analyzer is fully optimized, creating simplicity for special protein diagnostics. Optilite combined with Freelite serum free light chain assays for suspected monoclonal gammopathies and assays for the diagnosis of immunodeficiency disorders, provide trusted clinical results while enhancing your laboratory’s efficiency.

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