Stat Profile Prime Family: Analyzers Built for All Departments

Standardize critical care testing across departments with varying needs

Designed for standardization

The Prime Platform includes four models each with unique analyte configuration options. The Comprehensive Model provides up to 22 tests including a CO-Oximetry panel. The Critical Care Model runs a basic panel of tests for ICU or ED patients. The Blood Gas Model requires a small 50μL sample volume, ideal for NICU use and capillary heel stick. The Electrolyte Model provides an automated low cost alternative to running electrolytes including iMg and iCa. These four models allow each hospital, department or ICU to best match the menu configuration to its unique clinical needs.

Allows menu customization for each department

One standard platform can simplify operation, implementation, and training while providing individualized screens and access for each department.

Providing the broadest menu available allows a hospital or clinic to configure the analyzer to meet the specific need or clinical setting. For example, Prime Plus can be configured to provide a Chem8 in the Emergency Department and separately, in the ICU, a complete electrolyte profile, Blood Gas and CO-Oximetry panel to assess a patient’s care continuum. Each analyzer can be configured to show only what is needed in a given clinical setting.

Prime Plus test menu includes:

  • pH PCO2 PO2 SO2%
  • Na Cl K iCa iMg
  • Glu Lac Urea (BUN) Creat/eGFR
  • Hct tHb MCHC ePVS
  • O2Hb COHb MetHb HHb

Prime test menu includes:

  • PO2   PCO2   pH   SO2%
  • Na   Cl   K   iCa   TCO2
  • Glu   Lac  Hct

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