Call for Proposals for Industry Workshops

Sponsors are invited to submit a proposal for an Industry Workshop to be held during the conference.

Industry Workshops are 1 hour long and cost $2,500 per workshop. Industry Workshops include:

  • Signage during workshop
  • Opportunity to provide handout during workshop
  • The meeting room and basic audio-visual set up (laptop for presenter, data projector, screen) will be provided by CSCC; additional equipment to be ordered and paid for by the sponsor
  • All food and beverage served at the session are to be ordered and paid for by the sponsor
  • All speaker and program expenses are to be arranged and paid for by the sponsor

Complete this form to submit a proposal:

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Learning Objectives:

While scheduling of Industry Workshops is determined by the organizing committee, you are welcome to indicate your preferred timing below for the committee's consideration.
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