Sebia’s Mission

Sebia is a specialized In Vitro Diagnostic player and the world’s leading provider of clinical protein electrophoresis equipment and reagents for the screening and monitoring of various diseases, primarily in the areas of Oncology (Multiple Myeloma), Diabetes, Hemoglobinopathy and other rare pathologies. Our mission is to provide powerful tools that translate what is happening in a patients’ body into a readable and interpretable language.

We call it our new language of life.

The “language of life” makes it easier to understand, diagnose and treat chronic and metabolic diseases produced by the modern way of life. Cancer, obesity, aging, and depression share a common biology: they are metabolic and inflammatory. Those pathological imbalances lead to protein modification which require special separation techniques to give us a better understanding. Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) is the most accurate and efficient method of separation to unlock these complex conditions.

Capillary Electrophoresis
Creating new clinical diagnostic testing pathways.

Capillary electrophoresis provides a rapid and accurate signature-based measurement for major chronic diseases diagnosis and monitoring and is routinely used in clinical laboratories for screening of serum and other fluids for protein abnormalities.

The Sebia capillary electrophoresis (CE) instruments, CAPILLARYS and MINICAP, have been developed to provide complete automation, with fast protein separation at high resolution. Sebia CAPILLARYS is currently the most widely used capillary electrophoresis system in clinical laboratories worldwide.

Sharing the same technical platform and reagent line, laboratories can mix the different CAPILLARYS 3 platforms (OCTA and TERA) to meet their individual needs in production capacity, in addition to the large, automated capillary electrophoresis menu in myeloma, diabetes, hemoglobinopathies and chronic alcohol abuse.

Smart reagent management
4 open positions for main reagents, temperature-controlled section for secondary reagent (antisera), automated reagent identification, change buffer without interrupting the testing.

Advanced piloting Software
Delivered with each Sebia’s instrument, the PHORESIS software allows laboratories to manage the instrument results providing a very flexible solution.

Multiple Myeloma
World leader in diagnosis and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma patients.

Sebia is the world leader in diagnosis and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma patients by offering a full range of solutions to enable clinicians to provide optimal medical care. Ensuring high quality results adapted to all laboratory sizes. Sebia solutions offer serum and urine proteins electrophoresis (SPE/UPE) for screening and identification (immunofixation/Immunotyping) and follow-up monoclonal antibody therapy with HYDRASHIFT portfolio.

Immunotyping is used to detect and identify monoclonal proteins in serum and urine. Serum and urine proteins are mixed with specific antisera against Gamma- (IgG), Alpha- (IgA), Mu- (IgM) heavy chains Kappa (κ) and Lambda (λ) free and bound light chains. Immunoglobulins specifically react with their corresponding antiserum and each antiserum pattern (IgG, IgA, IgM, κ and λ) is automatically overlaid with the ELP (Protein Electrophoresis) reference curve. Disappearance of the abnormality in the antiserum-treated pattern indicates the presence of a monoclonal protein.

Join Dr. David Grenache and Dr. Katie Thoren at Sebia’s industry workshop on Monday June 6th at 4 EST to learn more about the performance and practicalities of immunotyping electrophoresis.

HYDRASHIFT avoids monoclonal antibody interference on IMMUNOFIXATION

The HYDRASHIFT daratumumab in vitro (IVD) diagnostic test resulting of a collaboration between Sebia and Janssen to provide the clinical community with better tools to monitor patients with multiple myeloma in line with the International Myeloma Group’s (IMWG) latest recommendations.

This assay, intended to be used with HYDRAGEL IF, mitigates the daratumumab mediated interference seen in immunofixation results for patients treated with DARZALEX®, a fully human monoclonal antibody that binds to CD38. Learn how it works in 3 minutes here.

The benefit of HYDRASHIFT has been highlighted in several scientific publications, such as the Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine (JALM) by AACC by Thoren, Ola Landgren et al., which shows:

  • HYDRASHIFT benefits for myeloma patients who are receiving daratumumab therapy through more accurate monitoring of their disease status.
  • The HYDRASHIFT 2/4 daratumumab assay is a useful tool to clarify the source of an IgGk band on immunofixation and allow a patient’s M protein to be viewed without interference

HbA1c Testing
Uncompromised HbA1c Results.

Based on many years of experiences in Capillary electrophoresis technology, Sebia has adapted this technology for HbA1c testing. This innovative technology provides to laboratories and clinicians accurate and meaningful results to ensure a better patient management.

Excellent separation
The clear-cut and precise separation of the different hemoglobin fractions allows accurate HbA1c measurement thanks to high resolution separation of our capillary instruments.

No interferences
There is no alteration of results in the presence of frequent interferences (3) (labile A1c, carbamylated Hb, Hb F, Hb S, Hb C, Hb D and Hb E) as well as the incidental detection of the common hemoglobin disorders (sickle cell, beta-thalassemia…).

Meaningful results
Using the IFCC reference method calculation formula HbA1c/(HbA1c+HbA0), developed for the worldwide assay standardization, the Sebia methodology ensures accurate and reliable results. Unlike other HbA1c testing methods, Sebia CE technology will not provide any erroneous results in presence of sample having homozygous hemoglobin variant or presenting hemoglobin variant interfering with HbA1c calculation.