Waters Clinical Diagnostic Solutions – Analytical Technology for Better Care

As a clinical diagnostic laboratory, quickly providing the broadest range of tests with the best accuracy and selectivity is key, but many challenges can stand in the way. Current laboratory techniques can suffer from cross-reactivity that may skew results, availability of reagent kits for new tests can be slow, and sample preparation is often too manual.

Waters unlocks the potential of science by helping clinical diagnostic labs provide better patient care. Waters helps our customers enhance workflow efficiencies, improve specificity of results, and implement new diagnostic tests with LC-MS/MS solutions, so you can help provide accurate diagnosis and treatment without compromising compliance, flexibility, and performance.

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Explore Waters clinical diagnostics solutions, including sample handling, automation, MassTrak IVD Solutions, informatics, services and support, and financing.

Waters FlexCHOICE: mySystem Coverage is designed to provide regular performance maintenance visits and guaranteed on-site response if remote technical support doesn’t resolve a system issue. Download our brochure to learn more.

Provide better patient care by enhancing workflow efficiencies, improving specificity, and implementing new diagnostic tests with our LC-MS/MS IVD systems, without compromising compliance, flexibility, and performance.

Trust your data with our range of informatics solutions with enhanced security, sample tracking and accurate result reporting with minimal data manipulation.