With 30 years of experience and expertise, TECHNIDATA is a major player in the field of information and data management solutions for medical laboratories and biobanks.

Developed in full compliance with the ISO 9001/ISO 13485 quality standards, TECHNIDATA software products are distributed in more than 25 countries worldwide and cover all the clinical laboratory disciplines: Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Virology, Blood Banking, Histology/Cytology, Genetics, and Biobanking.



Benefit from a scalable solution capable of managing multi-site and multi-laboratory configurations

TDNexLabs is a laboratory information system that adapts to your organization and its evolution.

It is a high-availability solution with fast response times to handle your workflows.

It also allows you to make decisions in real time and guarantees a high level of traceability.


Adopt a fully integrated next generation middleware for secure and advanced laboratory management

TDMind enables to connect and control all the analytical production units of medical laboratories.

Beyond exhaustive traceability, specialised user interfaces and maintenance monitoring, TDMind also integrates a module to manage internal and external quality controls. TDMind is fully integrated with TDNexLabs and benefits from a wide range of backup features that secure laboratory operations.

Accessible through a web browser from all workstations, TDMind meets cybersecurity, modularity and performance needs of laboratories.


Optimize the efficiency of anatomic pathology laboratories

TDHisto-Cyto is a scalable laboratory information system dedicated to the specific needs of anatomy and pathology laboratories.

Focused on patient safety, TDHistoCyto contributes to improving laboratory efficiency by optimizing business processes and by making the most of technological advances. It facilitates day-to-day work of staff and allows pathologists to focus on the essential: patient diagnoses.


Turn your data into fast and strategic decision making

TDBusinessIntelligence is a powerful and comprehensive tool to help you manage your activity and boost decision-making processes. It enables to visualize pertinent information about your laboratory using activity, medical and financial data. It is optimized for rapid implementation (warehouse built from your database).