For more than 30 years, Chromsystems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of routine clinical diagnostics solutions for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The company provides clinical laboratories with IVD-compliant yet reliable products and outstanding support. With its innovative solutions, the company contributes to safe and cost-efficient diagnostics.

Amino Acid Analysis

The MassChrom® Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) assays in plasma/serum or urine offer the full spectrum for your amino acid analysis. You can quantify 48 amino acids in plasma/serum. Or you opt to quantify 52 amino acids and creatinine in urine in one run. Both assays are used, among other things, for the determination of metabolic diseases.

  • One chromatographic platform for plasma/serum and urine
  • Fast sample preparation without derivatisation
  • Short run times
  • Excellent separation of all isobaric compounds
  • Each analyte with its own internal standard
  • Reaction vials or 96 deep well plates


Clinical laboratories performing routine LC-MS/MS are required to evaluate large amounts of data – and the more analytes an assay covers, the more data there is to consider. CSQUANT® helps to simplify and accelerate the evaluation of the data generated by Chromsystems assays – from batch generation through data mining to reporting.

  • Fast and easy data evaluation for Chromsystems assays
  • Drugs of Abuse Testing
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Newborn Screening

The CE-IVD and ready-to-use assays for LC-MS/MS allow the reliable determination of amino acids and acylcarnitines from dried blood spot samples. They are used in newborn screening programmes for amino acid and fatty acid metabolic disorders. Assays with and without derivatisation and upgrades for succinylacetone are available. 

  • Each analyte safeguarded by its own internal standard
  • Fast and robust sample preparation
  • Screening for many metabolic disorders in a single run such as PKU (Phenylketonuria), MSUD (Maple Syrup Urine Disease) and tyrosinemia type I

One of the Largest Portfolios in Clinical LC-MS/MS  

Chromsystems provides the most comprehensive product portfolio of complete and validated assays, calibrators and controls for clinical HPLC and LC-MS/MS. They offer everything that is required to implement these methods in your daily diagnostics routine without prior specific knowledge. Trust the quality of our CE-IVD-conforming products that help you to satisfy strongest regulatory requirements.