About Randox Toxicology

With over 35 years’ experience in the diagnostic market, Randox Toxicology is dedicated to advancing forensic, clinical and workplace toxicology. Placing a heavy focus on new product R&D has led to the development of technology at the forefront of advanced global diagnostics.

A market leader in the development of new assays and technology in the field of toxicology, Randox aims to minimise laboratory workflow constraints whilst maximising the scope of quality drug detection. With the world’s largest toxicology test menu, screening for over 600 drugs and drug metabolites, our range of versatile analysers provide toxicology solutions for both high and low throughput laboratories.

Patented Biochip Array Technology

Biochip Array Technology is an immunoassay testing platform allowing for the simultaneous multi-analyte testing of a panel of related tests. The technology works by combining a panel of up to 44 related tests on a single Biochip with a single set of reagents, controls, and calibrators. Competitive chemiluminescent immunoassays are employed for the Biochip Arrays. A light signal generated from each of the test regions on the Biochip is simultaneously detected using digital imaging technology and compared to that from a calibration curve.

Evidence MultiSTAT

The Evidence MultiSTAT is an automated analyser that provides on-site simultaneous detection of up to 29 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs from a single sample. Utilising our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology and designed to work across a variety of matrices, our patented multi-analyte testing platform provides a complete immunoassay profile within minutes, changing the landscape of drug detection forever.