Radiometer’s products and solutions help diagnose and care for critically ill hospital patients by providing fast, accurate information on a variety of parameters.

Our analyzers, monitors, systems and software are also used in blood banks, general practice offices and clinics for the screening and treatment of a variety of conditions.

Blood Gas Analyzers

Radiometer offers you a wide selection of blood gas analyzers with features and functionality that match your facility’s needs. For medium to high-volume settings, our ABL800 FLEX blood gas analyzer offers a high throughput and reliable automated sample handling. When time and low blood volume is of the essence, consider our ABL90 FLEX blood gas analyzer.

Immunoassay Testing

With immunoassay testing at the point of care, you no longer have to wait for critical test results from the lab, as you get lab-quality results in 11-21 minutes – depending on the parameter you choose. With Radiometer’s AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer, you can run immunoassay tests such as cardiac, coagulation and infection biomarkers without leaving your critically ill patient, allowing you to act on test results here and now.

Transcutaneous Monitors

Transcutaneous monitoring (TCM) is a non-invasive method for patients who need continuous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide with minimal blood draws. Radiometer provides a complete range of transcutaneous monitoring systems, which cover parameters such as tcpO2, tcpCO2 as well as Masimo SET® SpOand pulse rate.

Point-of-Care IT Solutions

In your daily work of maintaining point-of-care testing (POCT) analyzers, operator access and compliance, a solution that keeps you at the center of it all can help you save time. Whether you need to certify operators, investigate a technical issue or be ready for inspection, a central point of access can support you. That’s where the AQURE IT solution comes in.