McMaster Molecular Medium™ (MMM) is a ready-to-use, temperature-stable sample collection and storage medium that inactivates and stabilizes coronavirus specimens from the collection site to the laboratory.

Bay Area Health Trust

Bay Area Health Trust, a Hamilton-based company, is the exclusive licensee of ‘McMaster Molecular Medium’ (MMM).  Developed by researchers from St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, MMM allows labs to safely increase testing capacity and therefore return results faster.

Bay Area Health Trust operates life science businesses and invests in growth-oriented opportunities.



Get a grasp on your lab testing with Swab Grasper

The Swab Grasper allows you to easily remove swabs from tubes quickly and safely when manual extraction is needed

  • Faster testing processing
  • Alleviate repetitive strain injuries by eliminating the pinching and pulling motions required with forceps
  • Manufactured locally in Hamilton, Ontario minimizing supply chain disruptions and offerng a superior solution

Bay Area Research Logistics

Bay Area Research Logistics (BARL) is known for its superior management of all components of clinical trials, from comparator sourcing to blinding, packaging, labeling, storage, and distribution. BARL’s specialized capabilities allow us to provide our life science and healthcare clients with innovative and personalized solutions.

For more information on McMaster Molecular Medium, please contact info@baht.ca