For over 50 years, ESBE Scientific has served the scientific community including clinical, research, industrial and biotechnology laboratories as one of the largest 100% Canadian owned distributors. ESBE’s mission is to be an essential supplier of quality instruments and supplies to Scientific Laboratories throughout Canada. ESBE provides quality products and professional services at competitive prices, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to bringing the latest innovation and technical advances available.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

  • Access to over 100,000 laboratory products from more than 350 domestic and international suppliers
  • Quality products at competitive prices

Full Suite of In-house and On-site Services

  • Premier customer service available in English and French
  • Sales office and warehouse in Ontario and Quebec
  • Fully trained and experienced Sales Representatives strategically located across Canada
  • Technical specialists and industry experts supporting sales effort of selected instrumentation, diagnostic and disposable products
  • Fully trained ESBE SERVICE personnel working with authorized service agents across Canada

Diversity and Social Procurement

  • Female-owned and Managed
  • 2nd generation family-owned and operated for over 50 years
  • Diverse workforce across the Canadian landscape

We Represent

  • Arkray: Urinalysis Systems, HbA1c
  • Diazyme: Diagnostic Reagents
  • Randox: Clinical and Research lab instrumentation and consumables
  • Saf-T-Pak: Specimen shipping systems and training
  • Hemocue: Point-of-care testing
  • Panasonic Biomedical: ULT Freezers, Incubators, Refrigerators
    and more



RIQAS is the world’s largest External Quality Assessment scheme with more than 55,000 laboratory participants spanning over 134 countries.

Diazyme’s Human Kappa (Ƙ) and Lambda (λ) Free Light Chain assays provide accurate and reliable testing across the full analytical range and correlates well with current methods. Both assays display excellent precision on the low end while its liquid stable format requires no reagent preparation, saving time and reducing sample handling.


  • Assay utilizes polyclonal antibodies for comprehensive detection
  • Aids in the diagnosis of multiple myeloma in conjunction with other laboratory findings
  • Eliminates the need for standalone systems with a wide range of instrument parameters available for simplifying implementation
  • Excellent lot to lot performance with a large dynamic range
  • No sample pre-dilution is required • Reduced manual dilutions and retesting for extension modes
  • Fast test results (10 minutes) for a rapid turnaround time